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Baby Showers Throughout Time and Across the World

Baby showers are a joyful celebration of motherhood, community and welcoming of new life into the world. The modern day baby shower can be traced back to the year 1937, when Emily Post wrote about the “stork shower” in Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage. In the 1940s and 50s, during America’s post-war baby boom, the tradition grew in popularity. However, the origins of celebrating pregnancy predate the American baby shower and spans across the globe.

In ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, it was customary to wait until after birth to celebrate the mother and child, but a celebration in the third trimester has been a tradition in India since the Vedic era. The Simantonnayana is a rite of passage in the texts of Hinduism to wish the baby a safe and healthy delivery. During the medieval era, ritualistic pilgrimages to sites associated with the Virgin Mary were customary during early pregnancy; these pilgrimages were public events in which blessings were given for mother and child.

Today, in the US, we celebrate with games, gifts and food. Different countries have adopted baby showers as well and incorporated a variety of fun traditions. The fun of throwing a baby shower is giving it your own unique spin that reflects the qualities you love about the growing family you’re celebrating. At Party & Co. we make your unique baby shower vision come to fruition. Visit our new location in Austin to get started planning.

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